End of Lease Cleaning

Cleaning a property at the end of the lease can be a tiring and stressful experience. Many people feel uncertain about exactly what is expected when it comes to cleaning a space at the end of a lease agreement. We understand that you want to guarantee that you will get your full deposit back. Losing money on a deposit because of relatively minor cleaning errors is frustrating and we are here to help you avoid it. We are one of the best and most affordable cleaning services in Parramatta and you can have total confidence in our thorough end of lease cleaning service.


Our residential end of lease cleaning service is incredibly affordable. And it could save you your deposit. All of our cleaners have years of experience doing end of lease cleanings and they offer a clean with amazing attention to detail. They know what is expected and will ensure that all necessary parts of your rented property are cleaned to the highest standards. Our house cleaning system involves systematically going through the areas of your property and cleaning each area using specific tools and cleaning products to get the best possible results. We will ensure that all dirt and stains are completely removed.


We have the best services for commercial cleaning in Parramatta. For many years we have been providing a wide selection of properties with a tailored end of lease cleaning service. You can trust in us to thoroughly clean your property and to erase all traces of dirt or stains. We have a team of professional cleaners and specialised cleaning equipment that can handle an array of challenges. Over the years we have provided end of lease cleaning services to many different companies in many different buildings. We know how to appropriately tackle a variety of situations and our cleaners will customise each clean to the property at hand.


Parramatta Cleaning Services give all of the properties that we provide our end of lease cleaning services to results that surpass their expectations. It is essential that we can give our customers the most thorough and optimal clean. To help you feel confident about our services, we use a checklist system. Once we have cleaned a property our cleaners will run through an REA approved checklist to ensure that they have cleaned every part of your home to the desired standard. We are a professional cleaning company and give our customers totally unbeatable results that will help them to get back their deposit in full.


Our basic end of lease cleaning service is enough for most properties. But for some, their rented space is in need of a little more care and attention. Your space may require a deeper clean to restore it to its original condition and to ensure that you get back as much of your deposit as is possible. You can choose from our extra options for a more complete clean that will deal with the more severe issues of your rented property. We offer cleaning services for treating mould, discolouration, and dirt on walls and ceilings. For more information on the additional end of lease cleaning services that we can provide please contact us directly.

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