Residential Cleaning

We provide our clients with residential cleaning services that you can trust. All of the cleaners that we employ are carefully vetted. We have honest and hard-working cleaning ethics that you can feel comfortable with. We understand that people’s homes are incredibly important to them so we choose our cleaners and our products with the utmost care. The house cleaning that we offer is designed to be quick and efficient. You can continue your life as normal because our cleaning services will not disturb you. For a variety of cleaning services that will give you a beautifully clean home, choose Parramatta Cleaning Services.

One-off Cleaning

Our cleaning services in Parramatta offer you an affordable one-off cleaning service. This option is ideal for anyone who’s house is in need of a really deep-clean. Our expert cleaners have all of the right tools and products to ensure that your home receives the best and most intense clean. We will give your house a one-off clean, paying crucial attention to detail, and leave it looking as good as new. We can clean a wide selection of areas within your home and you can have us clean all or only a portion of these areas. The services that we offer will help to make cleaning your home more manageable and quicker to do in the future.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning services help to ensure that your home is kept in great condition. We provide our clients with affordable cleaning services that will have their home sparkling in no time at all. The cleaners that we employ have been carefully chosen and vetted. You can trust them to clean and care for your home. Our house cleaning is very flexible. No two homes are the same and it is important that you can choose when and how often your house needs cleaning. Contact our customer service team to discuss the cleaning package and frequency that you want for your home.

Professional Cleaning

We are the number one provider of cleaning services in Parramatta. If you are looking for a trustworthy and professional cleaning company that you can rely on then look no further. All of our employees have been hand-picked. They have excellent cleaning skills and access to quality cleaning equipment and products. Parramatta Cleaning Services has many years of combined experience and can be counted on to provide your home with a low-cost high-quality clean. Cleaning can be a time consuming and repetitive process, so save yourself the hassle and let our cleaning specialist take care of your house.

Oven Cleaning

As well as our general house cleaning services, we also offer specialised cleaning. Ovens need cleaning semi-regularly if they are to be maintained in good condition. Uncleaned ovens are less safe for cooking your food in and can begin to smell. It is recommended that your oven is cleaned of cooking debris and oil two or three times a year. For many of our clients, it has been far longer than this since they last cleaned their oven. The longer it is not cleaned, the more ingrained the dirt and cooking remnants become. Our oven cleaning service uses professional-grade products to remove even the toughest stains and dirt from your oven.

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