School Cleaning

Our school cleaning service is designed to cater to your school’s needs. We offer a wide selection of cleaning services for schools and can complete regular or one-off deep cleans as you desire. For school cleaning, we have the best cleaning services in Parramatta. We pride ourselves on providing local schools with professional services and carefully screened cleaners. You can trust us for a variety of affordable and high-quality cleaning services. To fit in with your school schedule we have out of hours cleaning that will leave your school ready for business as usual. We are the best pick for a trustworthy cleaner near you.


Classrooms are busy spaces that can easily become cluttered and dirty. In order to maintain the order and cleanliness of your school’s classrooms, it is important to have them cleaned regularly. For a thorough clean that gives you unmatched results, pick our cleaning service. Most schools choose a daily or weekly school cleaning service. This level of frequency allows us to stay on top of the cleaning and keeps your school in great condition. Dust and dirt can aggravate allergies and cause your students to lose focus in class. Our meticulous cleaners will ensure that your classroom is cleaned and your staff and students have an extraordinary place to work.


We do not recommend that anyone attempts to clean their windows without professional help. Cleaning windows anywhere above ground level has the potential to lead to injury. That is why you should trust in professional window cleaners to safely clean your windows. Our standards are extremely high and we will make sure that all dirt and grime is completely removed. We use specialised equipment to safely reach all heights and hard to reach windows on your property. The brilliant quality of our cleaning products will totally erase all hard to remove marks. For quick and affordable window cleaning services choose Parramatta Cleaning Services.

Kitchens and Cafeteria

Kitchens and cafeterias must conform to regulated safety standards. Any area where food is prepared or served needs to be maintained and cleaned thoroughly. For bigger schools that prepare large amounts of food, we advise that you choose a daily cleaning service or at least a weekly one. This will help to prevent bacteria or odours from gathering. In the worst-case scenarios, unclean food preparation areas can attract vermin. These pose a threat to your schools and are expensive to get rid of. Our expert cleaners are here to ensure that your school is safe for eating and preparing food.

Deep Clean

As well as our regular school cleaning services, we also have a one-off service option. Your school can choose from our cleaning services for windows, sports halls, and outside areas. We are also some of the best professional carpet cleaners in Parramatta and can have your carpets looking as good as new in no time. The deep clean services that we offer use high-grade equipment and skills to put your school into its best-ever condition. All of our services have been designed with our school clients in mind so they are competitively priced and effective.

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